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Following the success of their 2020 album ‘Lie Out Loud’, dynamic quartet BLOXX have announced the release of their follow-up EP, ‘Pop Culture Radio’. Due out this Autumn, the band are keeping us well and truly teased with lead single ‘Magnet’.

“Other than having the best bass riff I ever wrote, ‘Magnet’ is a bit of a juxtaposition. It tackles both the opposite attraction of magnets (South to North Pole) and the way the same two poles will repel against each other. It’s about being always “pulled” apart by someone and the way you clash, but always want to keep trying.” – Fee

Fee’s extraordinary ability to whip up delightful earworms is more than evident with ‘Magnet’. With an amalgamation of electrifying instrumentation and lush vocal performances, the band are onto a winner.

Riotous and incredibly energetic, the fast-paced and staccato-eqsue lyricism of the track lends an upbeat, summer infused atmosphere. With undeniable infectiousness and a narrative of juxtaposition, ‘Magnet’ offers a tale of perseverance when faced with certain adversity.

B-sided by the optimistic and buoyant ‘Everything I’ve Ever Learned’, released earlier this year, the two pop cuts offer a delightful and exciting foreshadowing of what’s to come from ‘Pop Culture Radio’– and we’re more than ready for it.

Tackling themes of LGBTQ+ representation, relationship breakdowns, and mental health, ‘Pop Culture Radio’ is set to be their boldest, and most introspective offering yet.

Listen/watch ‘Magnet’ here:

Pop Culture Radio EP – Out 13th August 2021

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