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The Boardmasters 2021 Lineup is packed full of goodness and there is lots to feast on, here is who are most excited to see.

It’s happening, Boardmasters 2021 is going ahead. Say that back to yourselves and tell me you don’t feel a rise of giddiness flow through you. It’s incredibly exciting that we’re going to enjoy some of the world’s best music atop of the stunning backdrop of Watergate Bay, Newquay. As we’ve previously mentioned the lineup is jam packed with amazing artists, local, national, and international, drifting through a variety of genres, there truly is something for everyone. With all that in mind, here are just some artists we cannot wait to see at this years Boardmasters!

Lianne La Havas – Mainstage, Friday

Lianna La Havas had her breakthrough year in 2010 when her debut album ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’, which reached number 5 in the UK charts. Her sophomore album ‘Blood’ continued her success coming in at number 2 and was nominated for a Grammy. Since then the prolific soul/RnB artists has been wooing audiences with her heartfelt songwriting, subtle compositions, and powerful yet delicate vocals. Lianna has a similar sound the likes of Nina Simone and Lauryn Hill, encompassing a sit-back-and-listen vibe. It’s hard not to find yourself lost in her music, it’s truly beautiful. It is without a doubt that her Friday performance is going to set the festival alight, especially under the glowing sun (which is predicted).

Listen/watch ‘Weird Fishes’ here:

Jade Bird – Mainstage, Friday

Jade Bird first made waves back in 2019 with her incredible self-titled debut album, which included the hit song ‘Does Anybody Know’, which has over 8 million listens on Spotify alone. Her emotive, strong, and frankly beautiful songwriting puts her apart from her peers, not to mention her stunningly powerful vocals makes her a must see at this years Boardmasters. Jade Bird is going to be a massive name and seeing her at Boardmasters is going to be a real treat. We may even get lucky and hear a few new tracks off her forthcoming album ‘Different Kinds Of Light’, which is out August 13th via Glassnote Records.

Listen/watch ‘Now Is The Time’ here:

FOALS – Mainstage, Friday (Headliner)

It goes without saying that seeing FOALS is utterly essential if you’re attending this years Boardmasters. The band’s reputation speaks for itself, they are arguably one of the UK’s best live bands. Their blend of indie and math rock creates a truly unique musical experience that is as intricate as it is robust. Being able to see them live in our back garden is truly a privilege, to say we’re excited is an understatement. This is a unique opportunity to see one of the UK’s most exciting and brilliant bands on a literal cliff in Cornwall, you don’t get to say that everyday.

Listen/watch ‘The Runner’ here:

Sam Fender – Mainstage, Friday

Sam Fender is arguably one of the UK’s (if not worlds) most exciting emerging artists. His observational songwriting, which details life in the UK, delving into the mental health of small towns and socio-political issues that areas of this country face is nothing short of eye-opening and wonderfully biting. A lot of his songwriting comes from his own experience growing up in the North East of England, which is clear through his raw and personal delivery. His music is a rousing experience that always leaves an impact on the listener, this will be tenfold live. Sam Fender should be at the top of your who to see at Boardmasters 2021 list, his performance is going to be nothing short of iconic.

Listen/watch ‘Seventeen Going Under’ here:

Ocean Wisdom – Mainstage, Saturday

Ocean Wisdom made waves with his single ‘Walkin’, which caught the attention of hip-hop and rap fans on both sides of the pond, due to the fact he delivered words faster than Eminem in ‘Rap God’. Since then he has grown as an artist and gone strength to strength, collaborating with the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Maverick Sabre. His latest album ‘Stay Sane’ is a culmination of his growth, boasting his lyricism, flow, and inventiveness. Ocean Wisdom is truly a wordsmith and his Boardmasters performance going to be one of the festivals most memorable.

Listen to ‘Shorty Gud’ here:

Loyle Carner – Mainstage, Saturday

South London’s Loyle Carner has fast become one of the nations most loved artists, particularly among the younger generations. This is no doubt down to his honest, introspective, and raw lyricism. This brilliant lyrical delivery is backed by jazz infused and chilled out beats, matching Carners relaxed tempo. All of the musical elements combined create an incredibly heartwarming experience that can be enjoyed solo, headphones on in your bedroom or outside with friends. The latter making him the ideal Boardmasters experience, we cannot recommend Loyle Carner enough.

Listen/watch ‘Yesterday’ here:

Inhaler – Mainstage, Saturday

The Dublin based band first met in school and quickly formed a band around a shared love for “dirty bass lines, pounding rhythms, and infectious melodies”. After a string of highly successful singles the band dropped their debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This‘, which has been met with critical acclaim. It’s a highly infectious sound that is destined for the mainstage, there is no doubt their set is going to be an explosive performance. Get ready for Inhaler as their primed and ready to take the world by storm, first stop Boardmasters.

Listen/watch ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ here:

Gorillaz – Mainstage, Saturday (Headliner)

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 20 years then you no doubt know who Gorillaz are. If you don’t know them by name then you have no doubt heard their hit singles ‘Clint Eastwood’, ‘Feel Good Inc.’, and ‘Rhinestone Eyes’. All tracks are iconic in their own right and to be able to see them performed live, in Cornwall is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Also, get ready for plenty of guest slots (possibly) as they’re known for bringings other artists on stage for their collaborative singles.

Listen/watch ‘Feel Good Inc.’ here:

Do Nothing – Land Of Saints, Saturday

The Nottingham based band have been making a splash across the rising new wave indie scene, that has an acerbic forefront guided by jagged edged beats and wonky guitars (other bands include Yard Act, Courting, Home Counties). It’s in a similar vein to artists such as Roxy Music but very much with a modern twist. It’s a fresh sound that is upbeat and fun on the surface but beneath the tongue-in-cheek delivery is darker socio-political tones. If you’re looking for something geneuinely new and exciting then you MUST check out Do Nothing at Boardmasters, you’re going to have a new favourite band, that’s a CLUNK guarantee.

Chubby And The Gang – Land Of Saints, Saturday

Chubby and the Gang
Chubby and the Gang – Pooneh Ghana

West-London five piece Chubby And The Gang are going to be a sight to behold when they grace the Land of Saints stage, expect high octane energy, snarling vocals, and riotous attitude. All the elements needed to create a garage rock/post-punk extravaganza, and these guys have it in bountiful supply. The band have their sophomore album ‘The Mutt’s Nuts’ coming out August 27th via Partisan Records, so get ready to hear some explosive new tunes, including ‘Coming Up Tough’ and ‘I Hate The Radio’.

Listen/watch ‘I Hate The Radio’ here:

The Magic Gang – The View, Saturday

The Magic Gang are arguably one of the most underrated bands operating in the UK right now. Since their debut self-titled EP that was released in 2016 they have been building a dedicated fanbase as well as building on their simple, yet delightfully fun and infectious sound. This delightful indie sound is on full force in their most recent album ‘Death Of The Party’, which came in the top 20 of the UK charts. Catching these guys at Boardmasters is certianly going to be a real treat, especially as they’ll be playing in the intimate ‘The View’ stage.

Listen/watch ‘Make A Sound’ here:

The Mysterines – The Land Of Saints, Sunday

The alternative rock band from Liverpool have been on our radar since the release of the anthemic ‘Love’s Not Enough’, since then we’ve been eagerly eating up their releases. The band are driven forward by Lia Metcalfe’s powerful vocals that are supported by an impressive rhythm section. They have opened for Royal Blood and The Amazons, not to mention their own sold-out headline tour just before the pandemic, in that time they built a ferocious reputation for an incredible live experience. It is with no doubt that this young band are going to be absolutely huge, seeing them at this level is going to be a historic moment, they’re destined for mainstage.

Listen/watch ‘In My Head’ here:

Arlo Parks – Land Of Saints, Sunday

Hailing from West-London Arlo Parks is one of the finest songwriters that has ever graced the planet, her soft, emotive, and deeply honest lyrics are centre-forward throughout all her songs. Her music is filled to the brim with warm, retrospective yet fresh tones, it’s a true delight. There is good reason to as why she is one of the most talked about artists in recent years, she’s incredibly talented and it’s very exciting to be able to see this poet and musician at work at this years Boardmasters.

Listen/watch ‘Too Good’ here:

The Big Moon – Mainstage, Sunday

The Big Moon formed back in 2014 and since then the band have been on a continuous path of growth, impressing at every junction. Their debut album ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’ brought life back into the daultering indie-pop/rock scene and was nominated for a Grammy. Fast forward to 2020 and the band came out with the wonderfully dazzling album ‘Walking Like We Do’, an album that boasts the bands growth and frightful talent for songwriting. It’s a delicate album that is filled to the brim with beautiful harmonies, delightful rhythms and poetic, heartfelt lyricism. The excitement we have for their Boardmasters set is palpable, we truly cannot wait.

Listen/watch ‘Your Light’ here:

Easy Life – Mainstage, Sunday

Forming in 2017 the band blend elements of R&B, Indie, and Hip-Hop in a masterful way, crafting a sound that is wonderful unique. Imagine if Mac Miller was from the UK and formed an indie band, that’s Easy Life. In the groups short timeframe they have amassed a global following and signed to Island Records. Their debut album ‘Life’s A Beach’ was met with critical acclaim and has amassed millions of streams. Their relaxed sound and beach themed music will be the perfect Sunday soundtrack to Boardmasters, there may have never been a more perfect artist for the mainstage. Get ready to be vibing to Easy Life, their performance at Boardmasters is no doubt going to be nothing short of splendid.

Listen/watch ‘Ocean View’ here:

Other artists to check out are Beabadoobee, Slowthai, Genghar, Dizzee Rascal, Jamie XX, Blossoms, The Futureheads, Goat Girl, Katy J Pearson.

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