Florence + The Machine – Photography by Kieran Webber

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The third and final day of Boardmasters 2023 more than lived up to the first two. From indie weirdness to a pop-star headliner, we saw it all

And just like that, we were already on the last day of Boardmasters 2023. We had rain, sun and everything in between but nothing could take away from an absolute banger of a final day. With some fantastic wildcards scattered throughout, all eyes ended up on Florence + The Machine rounding out the festival on the main stage.

Pale Blue Eyes

The first highlight of the day came from the Totnes based Pale Blue Eyes, an experimental indie act that blends a variety of genres into their music. Throughout the bass their is a daring sense of groove and the added synths create an almost edm sound. At its core it is extremely fun and just what we needed to kick off our damp Sunday.

Pale Blue Eyes – Photography by Kieran Webber

Black Honey

Black Honey graced the mainstage of Boarmasters on a damp Sunday but that didn’t stop them from bringing their rock n roll fury to the stage. The band have a growing back catalogue of releases which in turn has made their set a bountiful supply of rock goodness. As always Izzy B Phillips dominated the stage with her ever confident stage presence, donning her purple hair in wolf cut and a white dress, the epitome of cool. To her flanks was the axeman Chris Ostler and rhythm section commanded by Tommy Taylor and Alex Woodward, all of which sounded incredibly tight.

Black Honey | Photography by Kieran Webber

Black Honey continue to prove themselves as one of the best rock bands in the country right now and to see them back in Cornwall was a true treat.


There is a rise in the alt/experimental world of female/male duo’s creating what is essentially euro-trash inspired pop but with a more angular and higher thought edge. There is a similarity to artists such as Confidence man but with a more serious sensibility about the project. It’s an interesting sound and one that is truly inventive, however it is an acquired taste.

Josckstrap | Photography by Kieran Webber

Sofi Tukker

Sofi Tukker consists of best friends Sophie Hawley-Weld and and Tucker Halpern and together they fuse electronic, dance and pop into one fun, explosive bubble. They may just be one of the most exciting acts that have ever played Boardmasters Festival since its beginning. They brought a huge vibe and experience to their set, in spite of the rain, it was a summer ready set. All of this energy was backed by the duo’s stage presence, with Sofi donning bright coloured MC Hammer parachute pants and Tucker looking like a hipster scavenger from the apocalypse. Throughout their set they were backed by smoke machines, pyrotechnics, and backup dancers, all creating a very visual show. You couldn’t help but be entertained by them.

Florence + The Machine

Where does one even start with this performance. Florence + The Machine put on a show that can only be described as eye-wateringly beautiful. It was an incredible experience that saw the artist weave and dance throughout, creating an enchanting presence that spellbound the entire audience. It was a near cult like/religious experience watching divine woman move around the stage. Her presence matching the very energy her music creates, a wholesome, love-infused show that gave everyone, for a brief moment, a respite from the utter bullshit of the world. In that moment, we were all at the altar of Florence and it was a healing experience.

Across her set she played the songs that escalated her to stardom such as ‘Dog Days Are Over’, ‘You’ve Got The Love’, and her most recent single ‘King’ (amongst MANY more). It was an unforgettable experience that will go down in Boardmasters history.

Our full weekend write-up will be dropping next week, so keep your eyes peeled for a more comprehensive article.

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