Confidence Man – Photography by Em Marcovecchio

George Ward
George Ward

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Boardmasters day two continued its winning streak, with indie newcomers, a hip-hop legend and a little bit of something for everyone

After the success of Friday, Boardmasters had a lot to live up to on its second day. Luckily, the weather (mostly) held up and we were treated to another day of excellent music, from the first band to the last DJ.


Our day started with the wonderful Webmoms, backed by the rough seas behind them and as calm as ever. It is so refreshing seeing so many talented musicians play together, bringing to life the material in a completely unique way to their studio tracks. If you’re from Falmouth, you will have seen them already; if you’re not, you should be looking out for them.

The Lottery Winners

The first highlight of the day came from The Lottery Winners. Running on a high from their recent number one album, their energy was infectious. Frontman Thom was quick to announce it was his birthday, only adding to the excitement of the crowd and spurring on an impromptu CLUNK birthday party!

Confidence Man

Another lineup wildcard were Confidence Man, Australia’s buzziest pop duo. Two veiled figures took to the stage, playing a wild instrumental introduction before the duo appeared, in classic Confidence Man get-up.

Their set was poppy, unpredictable and seriously fun. Feeling like a slightly more unhinged Eurovision act in the best way possible, you couldn’t keep your eyes off either of them. The chemistry on stage was very clear from the slickly choreographed moves and even an on stage-fight, complete with fake blood and all.

Confidence Man – Photography by Brian Robinson

Little Simz

Another fantastic highlight from Saturday was the one and only Little Simz. It was a privilege to see one of the greatest living rappers perform as the sun went down on the festival. Despite only being backed by a guitarist and bassist, her set was completely enthralling, with Simz holding the audience’s complete attention throughout the set.

Opening with some cuts from her 2022 album ‘No Thank You’, she soon revisited ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’. ‘Two Worlds Apart’ flowed effortlessly over the crowd, while ‘Point and Kill’ brought up the energy.

We were treated to classics including ‘Venom’ and ‘Selfish’, reminding us just how versatile Simz really is. Rounding it all of was the powerful ‘Woman‘.

As she stood centre stage, soaking in the crowd, she announced “you are witnessing greatness”. From any other artist, you’d find it arrogant; from Little Simz, you know it’s the truth.

Little Simz – Photography by Niamh Rogers

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher gave us exactly what was expected from the rock ‘n’ roll icon, a unabashed, biblical performance that saw him play music from his own back catalogue as well as the classic Oasis hits. Fans new and old rocked and sang their hearts out to the legendary music, backdropped by the stunning Cornish coast.

Highlights came from ‘Wonderwall’, ‘Champagne Supernova’, and ‘Live Forever’, all of which were delivered by a master of his class. You can say what you want about Liam but there is no denying talent as a performer and a musician; he is a rock n roll legend and his Boardmasters set proved that.

Liam Gallagher – Photography by Kieran Webber

Rounding off the night were a wild mix of acts. Afro Cluster’s funk and Jam and Meme’s dance set turned the calming pub-stage hybrid of the Keg & Pasty into a party. Meanwhile, in the Land of Saints tent, more beats were being cooked up.

Rudimental’s set packed the tent entirely, with the crowd’s energy unbelievably high as they played their hits. After this set, you’d imagine it would be impossible to keep this energy going but, thanks to Mike Skinner of The Streets, this was not an issue. Knowing his crowd perfectly, Skinner blasted through his set, blending genres and even slipping in the odd Streets track just to tease us.

Jam and Meme – Photography by Brian Robinson

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