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Clara Bullock

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Supergroup boygenius, consisting of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, have announced a new surprise EP, ‘the rest

The four-track EP will be an expansion of their debut, ‘the record‘. Following the release of their first album, boygenius are going on a sold out tour across the US and UK.

They will make stops in New Haven and Philadelphia, before their Madison Square Garden debut on 2 October and a special Halloween event at the Hollywood Bowl on 31 October. Special guests include MUNA, Samia and Palehound plus a unique Halloween event with 100 gecs and special guest Sloppy Jane.

Produced by boygenius, Tony Berg, Jake Finch, Ethan Gruska, Calvin Lauber, Collin Pastore and Marshall Vore, ‘the rest‘ continues to showcase the band’s distinct sound. Hailed as some of the best new music of 2023, ‘the record‘ has been critically acclaimed and has already attracted a loyal fanbase.

While the music speaks for itself, the stories about the three women’s friendship has almost reached urban legend status, allowing young women to see their relationships reflected on the big stage. Musically, that friendship is reflected in emotive and poetic lyrics and softcore rock. 

‘the rest’ is out on October 13th via Interscope/Polydor.

Listen to ‘the record’ here:

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