The indie supergroup boygenius revealed another taste of their forthcoming debut

After spoiling the fans with a trio of singles to kick off their debut album campaign, boygenius have delivered yet another amuse-bouche of their new record, ‘the record’, with new single ‘Not Strong Enough’.

In classic boygenius fashion, ‘Not Strong Enough’ is an indie-folky concoction, teetering on the edge of some country, with a grittier backbone and pop sensibilities. A lot on the surface, but comes together to form something truly gorgeous. This track is one of the most upbeat the trio have put out so far, a delightful 2000s tinted cut of poppy indie, each member taking a section; an almost XXL Freshman Cypher if beats were banjos. The stacking harmonies during the bridge are stunning, the trio’s individual voices forming the quintessential sad-girl-indie choir. Like with the previous singles, and the eponymous EP back in 2018, everything boygenius touch turns into a nostalgic, cinematic moment, every single feeling like it was lifted off a bittersweet coming-of-age film soundtrack, probably directed by Greta Gerwig.

Regardless of their own respective works, Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker have truly crafted something incredibly unique with boygenius. The chemistry is undeniable, the creative process almost audible as their voices flit between each other. It is yet again another stellar delivery from (arguably) the world’s best supergroup.

‘the record’ is out on March 31st via Polydor/Interscope.

Listen to/watch ‘Not Strong Enough’ here: