Brian Jonestown Massacre | Daisy Rickman | the Mod Magician
Princess Pavilions, Falmouth
28th January 2023
Photography by Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson

Wedding photographer by day, live music photographer by night.

Seeing touring bands playing to sold-out Princess Pavilion crowds is a very welcome return. Last week Frank Turner was here and this week it was Brian Jonestown Massacre

Brian Jonestown Massacre are no strangers to Falmouth, and this was their third visit following shows in 2016 and 2018.

And much like their previous visits, this was a show from a band that defines erratic. At its best, a Brian Jonestown Massacre concert is a life-affirming, transcendent, and deeply engaging show. At its worst, it’s a mess, with onstage arguments, endless technical problems, interminable guitar tuning and a temperamental performance.

Luckily last night was life-affirming, transcendent, and deeply engaging. And probably the best that I’ve seen them live. This was their first show of 2023 and the opening night of the tour which continues through the UK and Europe through February.  

Opening the night was Cornish-based Daisy Rickman. Daisy and her insanely talented band held the attention of the Pavilions crowd who’d got in early. The set started quiet but built & built and was transfixing.

Photography by Brian Robinson

Breaking the norm of support acts, we were treated to The Magic Mod, a rock n’ roll magician, aka Ben Taylor. This was quite a welcome change to the usual support you’d expect from BJM and went down really well with the Falmouth audience.

The mass of Brian Jonestown Massacre musicians took to the stage to huge appreciation from the sold out crowd and for the next 1 hour & 45 minutes treated us to a wall of mesmerising psychedelic rock. Kicking off with three new songs from the recent album ‘Fire Doesn’t Grow on Trees’ and the EP ‘Fudge’ it was evident that the band were in fine form and we were in for a hell of a night.

Photography by Brian Robinson

The 15 song set drew from the bands extensive back catalogue and tracks from their new album ‘The Future Is Your Past’ which is due for this release on 10th February. And the new tracks sat well and sounded as fresh alongside classics ‘Pish’ and ‘Anemone’.  Highlight for me was the rousing ‘Abandon Ship’ which closed the show and as the final guitar feedback rang out, the house lights came on and everyone shuffled out.

A great start to 2023 with some strong shows coming to Falmouth.