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Bristol’s inner-city day festival Outer Town will return in 2024, with crowdfunding open now and fundraising event announced

Inner-city festivals are a wild beast to tame, a true expedition for any promoter brave enough to tackle the challenge. They pop up just as quickly as they disappear, but that absolutely isn’t the case for Bristol multi-venue extravaganza Outer Town.

Its inaugural event took place in 2022, six stages across Bristol’s Old Market – the year boasting the likes of John, Saloon Dion, Opus Kink and Deadletter (among countless others). This year’s festival saw even more stages, with Liverpool post-punkers Courting embarking on their first festival headline and the festival selling out.

Now, the crack team behind the festival have announced plans for the 2024 instalment of Outer Town, taking place on April 13th. Though the line-up is yet to be revealed, a brand new main stage is being introduced: a 500-capacity outdoor stage, The Den, pitched up outside the legendary Trinity Centre. And, instead of the usual Sunday we’ve been accustomed too, Outer Town 2024 will now take place on a Saturday, meaning for more bands, a longer day of music, and subsequently even more fun.

Despite the success of the past two years, live music is still a fickle task, and to battle though their struggles the team have launched a Crowdfunder to raise funds for next year’s event. Contributions will ensure the festival continues blazing its way through the next few years, as well as supporting grassroots venues and the truly incredible assortment of under-the-radar talent.

Outer Town have delivered a much-needed spotlight on a plethora of venues in Bristol’s Old Market and, like most DIY and grassroots operations, require the support of the community to ensure the heart keeps beating.

The team behind Outer Town have also announced Outer Realm, a night of live music at The Exchange on 15th September.

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Tickets for Outer Realm: An Outer Town Festival Experience can be found here.

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