Laura Turnbull
Laura Turnbull

‘Tis the season of the 80s earworm with jingle bells on. Wham are working themselves into a lather, Shane McGowan is slating Kirsty MacColl, and Chris Rea is still on the road. It’s twinkly, there’s tinsel, and you’d probably rather have tinnitus than listen to Noddy Holder holler again. Fear not fellow Scrooge, a bunch of Bristol musicians got your back.

‘So That We Could Be Alive All Together’ is here to save you from shit Christmas songs. The seven-track EP has been put together by friends Eli Carvajal, Oliver and Lucas Wilde, Gins, Viridian Ensemble, Zondique, Frances Pylons and Olive Haigh. Raising funds for What Can We Do, an organisation supporting black and brown trans and non-binary people, the EP is full of magic sounds. Featuring a spine-tinglingly good Joni Mitchell cover, a cosmic arrangement of vocal sounds courtesy of Viridian Ensemble and a Death Carol for that real festive factor. A Christmas compilation with a slight difference, ‘So That We Could Be Alive All Together’ is brilliantly bizarre and – even better – all for a really great cause. 

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