By Kieran Webber

The Edinburgh based Bronston are here to make a statement with their music, whether you like it or not. As writer/singer Adam Campbell explains “You might hate me because of the way I see things and the way that I do things. I don’t care. I’m not gonna bow to that shit. I’m my own man. No one is like me.”

Their music exudes this confidence and is always present throughout. It’s this credence that makes their music so powerful and enigmatic. As a band they have complete faith in their sound and although it does share familiarity with Arctic Monkeys or Queens Of The Stone Age, it is very much their own.

The bands latest single ‘Nightmares’, that follows previous release ‘Temples and Mines’ encompasses the bands swaggering pomp. Emotive vocals lead the way whilst the the rhythm section keeps everything neat. It’s a cascading sound that charges towards the listener, only to hit you full pelt in the last minute.

‘Nightmares’ reaffirms that Bronston are one of the U.K’s most exciting alternative rock bands around. Keep your eyes on these guys, they’re unbelievably brilliant.

Listen to ‘Nightmares’ here:

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