By Adam Laver

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Beth Shalom Records

This is Bryony’s third EP and features singles, ‘I Can Be’, ‘Knockin” and ‘Dive’. Bryony has added two more songs to complete the emphatic five-track release.

‘State I’m In’ kicks off the vintage sounding drum and lo-fi guitar to create a blend of Miles Kane and early Tame Impala. Fans will be familiar with the opening track, ‘Knockin’’, as Bryony reminds the listener of her retro-rock sound. This is followed by a treat in the form of a new song, ‘Cherry Red’. There’s an indie-pop feel to the melody and is surrounded by a The Last Shadow Puppets sounding guitar riff.

Softer moments in ‘Dive’ – a beautiful string section and sparkling guitars behind tear-jerking piano adds even more emotion to Bryony’s intelligently written melody and lyrics. The instrumentation even adds hints of psychedelic heroes Pink Floyd. She finishes the EP with ‘I Wonder’, which summarises it wonderfully, as she sings with sincerity. One lyric in particular stood out, as she says something everyone must have thought – “I’m as confused as you with what the world is coming to”. This is matched by a theatrical soundtrack to the song, blended with the same psychedelic guitar tropes as heard in ‘Dive’.

Bryony has commented on the release. “State I’m In is exactly what it says on the tin. This is where I am at right now in my life, which is ever-changing,” she explains. “But the key things that remain are self-reflection, being (un)lucky in love, and absorbing everyday life through my own, critical though colourful lens. Hit me with the bad, hit me with the good, this record documents my depression, drunken dates, and the shedding of my old skin, while being wrapped-up in a metaphorical bubble.”

Bryony goes on to state, “It’s honest, it’s coming-of-age, and even somewhat comical. Here I am, Bryony in 2020, exploring what it is to be vulnerable, genuine, and self-assuring”.

‘State I’m In’ feels like a pivotal moment in Bryony Williams’ career, and it will be exciting to watch her music continue to flourish in the future.

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