By Kieran Webber

The dreamy lo-fi trio met at Newcastle University. Where they quickly established themselves as one of the most interesting groups in the North East. The band have tucked themselves away during this weird time to write and record new material. After much anticipation the band have emerged with the new single ‘Woodside’, a hazy, ethereal single.

Slow, subtle guitar strokes lead the way for an ever building energy. Vocals rise like the tide whilst the percussion bounces around in the backdrop. It’s a soundscape that is deeply emotive yet wholesomely tranquil. Butterjunks creativity and honest songwriting are on full show throughout, making this arguably the bands strongest release yet.

Speaking on the track Ben Ayers, singer and lyricist explains: “’Woodside’ is a self-reflexive song inspired whilst I was looking back at a year of my life; hints of this can be heard in the song structure, as this plays on the seasons.” He continues,  “The song very much alludes to a connection I felt with nature – this starts off strong and kind of fades away as the song progresses, again hinting at the subconscious influence of the seasons upon the writing process. I think the end result is quite a personal song where the lyrics, hopefully, speak for themselves”.

Listen to ‘Woodside’ here:

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