Adam Laver
Adam Laver

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The Manchester trio have put their distinct indie take on the London singer-songwriter Arlo Parks‘ hit single. Cassia have stripped back the track to its core with a prominent bassline and the sound of a keyboard at the heart of the song, as they chanel Cage the Elephant in the instrumentation and Rob Ellis’ vocal performance.

Fans of the band are treated to an intimate performance of ‘Hurt’ as they sit down to put an uplifting version of the tune. Cassia have toured relentlessly for the last three years, so with live music still out of sight the band have taken to other ways to get in front of their fans. Instead of being crammed inside a van, they have squeezed into a small space and expertly performed ‘Hurt’. 

This song really felt fitting to us, as after having toured and driven endless miles last year, we were starting to lose perspective coming into December 2019,” the band explain. “We didn’t quite know where we stood and what we were worth without playing live. The song ‘Hurt’ for us describes how constant change can cloud a person’s judgement and how easily you can slip back into feeling lost. This year really allowed us the time and space to define who we are as people and as musicians.

Listen to ‘Hurt’ here:

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