Photo credit: Luke Rodgers

Houston, Texas based artist Catterina has dropped the stunning new single ‘Inconvenience’, taken from her forthcoming debut EP

Brooklyn, New York via Houston, Texas artist Catterina has come out swinging with her latest single ‘Inconvenience’, taken from the forthcoming debut EP ‘Four Twenty One’.

It’s a reflective release that has Catterina wearing her heart on her sleeve, giving us a deeply personal and honest look at her experience with heartbreak. It’s an incredibly relatable track that boasts her raw songwriting ability. Although tackling a subject that causes so much pain Catterina offers a much needed slice of cathartic positivity with ‘Inconvenience’. Although a breakup can leave you romanticizing and looking at the relationship with rose tinted glasses, you will come out the other side a better and stronger person. Catterina reassures us this with ‘Inconvenience’ masterfully. This message is delightfully delivered by her soft, honey-glazed vocals that are perfectly balanced with a sultry bass and subtle guitar strokes. It’s a splendid track that continues to deliver with every listen.

Catterina‘s ability to craft music that is emotive, fun, and infectious is no doubt going to garner her a supportive and dedicated fanbase. It’s relatable music that brings a warm and fuzzy atmosphere, there’s little not to love.

Listen to ‘Inconvenience’ here: