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South London indie rock band Chappaqua Wrestling announce their debut album, ‘Plus Ultra’, which will be released on 7th April

Chappaqua Wrestling had quite the year in 2022. Not only did they release two banging singles, ‘Wayfinding’ and ‘Round Table’, but also made appearances at Green Man, Truck Festival and even their very own sold-out debut headline tour. 

Now, the band are ready to release their debut album. Titled ‘Plus Ultra’, it has been described as having “much to get off its chest”. The album promises to tackle difficult issues such as mental health, cost of living, student debt and the NHS without leaving its listeners pessimistic. Chappaqua Wrestling are said to have a “glass half full mentality”.

With their 2022 singles included in the tracklist, we have a taste of what’s to come. ‘Wayfinding’ is a dark and brooding track with passionate vocals and an uplifting message while ‘Full Round Table’ slows down the pace and explores the unfairness of growing up in this generation. Its slow buildup builds the anticipation both within the track and now in the lead up to the album.

The debut album, ‘Plus Ultra’ is out on 7th April via EMI. Singles ‘Wayfinding’ and ‘Round Table’ are out now. 

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