By Kieran Webber

Bursting out of the Scandinavian region is Childmind the alter ego of multi-instrumentalist Hannes Glans. This project sees the artist blend creative psychedelic melodies with mesmerizing vocals. The Swedish artist brings all the best retrospective elements to the genre, with influence from the likes of Frank Zappa and more modern contemporaries Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

The latest offering from the forthcoming debut album (out next year via Black Hair Records) boasts all the golden elements of Childmind. ‘Island of Lambs‘ is bursting in shimmering psychedelia that boasts the ethereal vocals of Hannes. This delightful track sonters through until it breaks for a mind melting solo that is backed by a flurry of guitars and percussion. It’s a wild ride that has us excited for the debut album.

Listen to ‘Island of Lambs’ here: