The Highs And Lows Of South Morocco


By Kieran Webber

This article is highlighting the best and worst parts of my own trip, so please consider that when reading. I am writing my own personal experience of which there were many ups and downs.

The time I spent in Morocco I managed to feel every emotion possible in a space of a week and a half, Morocco is an endurance test for any traveller to take on and if you are ill researched and naive (as I am) then you are going to have a strange time.

I stayed in a village about 3 hours away from the City of Agadir near the gate to the Sahara, the coastline was as beautiful as it was vast and the mountains loomed over the town.

Aesthetically it was a beautiful place with a landscape that was truly breathtaking from the previously mentioned mountains that hang over the valley, the architecture of the towns, the buzz of the Souqs and markets and of course the surf and coastline.

Images provided by Aaron Parsons Photography 



If you are looking for a cheap getaway to catch some cracking hot weather and epic surf then Morocco is pretty perfect. Flights are around £90 return (easy-jet) and it is a mere 3-4 hour flight.


The weather is incredible that is no exaggeration. I was there in November and it was around 25-30 degrees with a sea temp of about 19 degrees, it was bliss.


The surf is epic and there is a plethora of spots littered up and down the coast from point breaks, heavy beach breaks and fun wedges. There is a wave for everyone and for any level of skill whether it be beginner or advanced.


There are few places where you can be stood in a desert with your back to the ocean looking at rolling hills and mountains that appear to almost go on forever.


The buildings are so different to what you can expect from a European country which is pretty mad as it borders with Spain, it is hard to believe you are so close to Europe with such diverse and interesting Islamic architecture.


Dishes such as Tagine and Kefta are highly recommended but eat at your own risk as Morocco is not as hot on hygiene as most places, but you are normally safe with those two options or you can always head to a takeaway for a pizza.


These places are as incredible as they are hectic, you can expect to find everything and anything at these places. Some stalls sell jewellery, or decorative knives, I actually found one guy selling muskets. It is a great place to buy gifts for family and loved ones. In addition to traditional goods you can buy knock off designer brands and technology, although I advise staying away from that, a friend got a watch and it broke within the hour.


The holiday as a whole is very low cost around £300 spending money should get you a solid 2-3 weeks there if you are clever, as food is cheap whether that is eating at a restaurant or going to the local shop. The only real expenses you are going to have is the accommodation and car rental. The one piece of advice I can give though is buy alcohol before you enter the country although it is available (but hard to find) it is very expensive on the account they are an Islamic country. I stocked up in duty free and hid beers and wine all over my person.



There is no way to butter this up, Morocco fucking stinks of shit and piss, this is probably due to the amount of wild animals running around as well as terrible sewage infrastructure, or lack of. Also people are not as modest as us Brits and will pretty much find a place and do a piss whether that be a wall or toilet, although saying that British people like to piss on walls too.

Treatment of Animals

This is one thing that any animal lover is going to struggle with in Morocco as a general rule animals are not loved as much, they work their donkeys to the bone (almost literally) and there are stray cats and dogs wandering the streets. Some of the dogs are rabid and haggard.


If you talk to anyone that has gone to Morocco they will tell you how ill they got, it is almost a rite of passage in Morocco. The illness that strikes most people is the shits and boy does it come in force. I spent a whole day staring at the same white wall doing a series of chocolate sneezes.

This again is due to Moroccans low standard of hygiene and sewage treatment. Just come prepared and take lots of vitamins and Imodium and you should be all good. 


I’m not lying when I say this but I was pulling litter out of my hands when I was paddling out to surf on one of my sessions. Litter is a huge problem in Morocco no one comes and collects litter (as far as I saw) most of it finds itself in the streets, on the beach or being burnt by the side of the road.

If you are looking for a cheap holiday to catch some winter sun and epic surf then Morocco is a key destination but my advice is make your trip no longer than a week. If you are like me and painfully English, a week is all you can survive until you start getting agitated by the locals constant pestering and smell of strange meat and actual shit.