By Tom Tozer

Indie/Power pop-rock group Cocktails are in with their latest single ‘Bun E. Carlos’. Main Singer and Songwriter Patrick Clos defines the band as “We’re a scrappy power pop band at heart, but we’ve never quite fit in nicely. “A little too poppy for a punk thing, and then we’re always rocking too hard to be an indie-pop band.”

The upbeat single ‘Bun E. Carlos’ influences summertime, smiles, and sunshine. Or it would do if not for the current pandemic situation. The song is written as a daydream vision of what could have been and what the band will be doing when they can hit the road. With hooks for days, thumping drums, and a whirring keyboard progression, a male and female voice easily brings a smile to the listener’s face.  

Cocktails are set to release an album ‘Catastrophic Entertainment’ on July 1st. The San Francisco based troupe are looking set to make some exciting steps forward.  

Listen to ‘Bun E. Carlos’ here:

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