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By Connor Matthews

Trailblazers of the hardcore scene, Code Orange, released a surprise EP this week – after an eerie online brain teaser on their website gave hints that something special was incoming – with the standout track being ‘The Hunt’.

‘The Hunt’ continues the industrial coated hardcore that they blended together on ‘Forever’ and takes it another small step towards massive melodic chorus’ – perhaps foreshadowing the next step for them.

Featuring Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor tearing it up on guest vocals, The Hunt’ forces a brutal dual attack from the two singers upon listeners, with Taylors’ vocals themselves being a seal of approval of the young band.

If you’re a fan of Knocked Loose, Incendiary or Slipknot themselves – do yourself a favour and check this track out, don’t miss out on these trendsetters.

Listen to ‘The Hunt’ here: