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Gaby Mawson
Gaby Mawson

Gaby is a London based writer and visual communicator specialising in the music and film industries.

It’s been since 2015 when Colleen Green last released an album. The acclaimed album ‘I Want to Grow Up’ left her fanbase waiting for new music. So, we are excited to announce Colleen’s upcoming album ‘Cool’ which will be out September 10th via Hardly Art. ‘Cool’ will be available to purchase on LP/CD/CS/DSPs and you can pre-order the album here.

The title ‘Cool’ perfectly encompasses the meaning behind the album. A natural progression from ‘I Want to Grow Up’, Colleen has grown up in the last five years and overcome her insecurities. She has come to the realisation of what it means to be grown up and that it is actually pretty ‘cool’.

As for her initial release from the album, ‘I Wanna be a Dog’, this quirky track plays on the idea that living life as a dog seems a lot simpler. Colleen has also released the accompanying music video for the song; watch below:

Colleen worked on the album with producer Gordon Raphael in order to create a perfect balance between her lo-fi aesthetic and Gordon’s abilities to take the tracks to higher ground. Colleen also collaborated with drummer, Brendan Eder, and hip-hop producer, Aqua in LA, over the course of a few weeks, to create ‘Cool’.

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