By Oliver burton

Everyone’s favourite Aussie dance group jive back into the forefront of our pill popping periphery with new single ‘Does It Make You Feel Good?’

Bouncing onto the scene in 2018 with dance heavy debut ‘Confident Music for Confident People’, the quartet amassed a support which radiated far beyond their roots down under. Unexpectedly finding themselves a deal with British independent label Heavenly, the band are heavily regarded as one of the most unique live acts around.

Choreographed meticulously to the up and down rhythm of the millennial jaw with lax yet prophetic dance moves, Confidence Man have a lane all to themselves. ‘Does It Make You Feel Good?’, whilst still faithful to the gig-goer’s “chewing gum habit”, offers less in the way of the band’s trademark sarcastic rhetoric, and more in the way of modern pop accessibility. After some initial dwindling on synth patterns which come across less sentimental and more softboi, the pulsating drum and bass rhythms shepherd the song deep into foot tapper’s territory. The Additions of bongos and a carousel of vocal hooks by singer Janet Planet will be sure to implant much of the 4 minutes and 51 seconds round and round your nervous system, most likely doing laps for the remainder of the day.

After an album characterised by nonchalant vocal prose, indiscreetly critiquing the way many of us go about existing (examples include : having a boyfriend, being in a band, and attending C.O.O.L parties), ‘Does it Make You Feel Good?’ cast an image far more ambiguous. Rather than holding up the big fuck you mirror to everyone and anyone, Confidence Man find themselves embarking upon a much more personal vindication. Assisted by the relentless dance beats which sit behind Janet’s voice, ‘Does It Make You Feel Good?’ is the first time Confidence Man have opened the door to many. Unmasking and undressing the sardonic sensibilities of previous works, the band are perhaps leaving the door ajar, allowing many to peer in and see what’s really inside.

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