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Hypophora Plymouth

By Martha Fitzpatrick

Karum Cooper

Manchester born, Cornwall bred – I’m a musician, producer and songwriter before anything else – I perform/write for Cornish bands Hypophora and For The Oracle. I love touring, recording and composing. I’m currently studying Music Production in the heart of Bristol.

Photography and design is a big part of my life – live shoots, promotional shoots, street photography, cornish scenery and more, I love capturing the moment on camera. I’ve always had a love for words and I’m constantly inspired by the world of journalism and writing.

I love experiencing live music – what better way to document it than with journalism and photography?

Alex Platt

Hey yo whaddup it’s your boy Bear here. I’ve always had a love for writing ever since I could first grip a pen and make up my own words. I guess you could say the same for music as well (or at least until I learnt the words to whatever CD/mix tape my parents were blasting in the car that week). I went to university to study how to make films, but I learnt a lot more than that, I learnt how to understand films (that sentence doesn’t make me sound pretentious at all you’re wrong). Since then I’ve been lapping up as many as I can. As soon as I was old enough and had my own money I started going to gigs, I couldn’t get enough of it.

The thrill of seeing an artist’s live and losing yourself in that moment was more addictive than any drug. So these days you’ll find me somewhere in London, probably drinking an over priced beer and complaining about something, or sitting in the middle seats of the middle row in a nice cinema watching anything and everything, or in the middle of the pit crying my eyes out to whichever favourite band of mine is on stage. Since I love doing all of them and writing about it, I thought why not combine my passions?! Clunk is a great magazine collective for creativity and freedom, and I’m happy and proud to be a part of the team.


Laaraib Khan 

Ironically my nickname is Webz, despite my impending fear of spiders! Northern girl studying English and History in arguably THE best city in the world… Leeds. I’m a creative and love all things art, music and literature. I write poetry and adore Beat Generation writers. Contrary to popular belief, blink 182 did not write The Rock Show about me however you will most definitely find me at many shows and festivals cutting shapes right at the front. It’s where I am happiest. Music is a huge part of my life and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to write for Clunk.

Michael Edgson  

Hey, I’m Mike. Chances are if you can’t catch me writing articles for Clunk, I’ll usually be over at my own blog Nexus Music (shameless plug, that’s what music is about right…Right??).

I have a passion for music management and music PR. My main enjoyment in terms of writing comes from covering music that is both soul-bearing and unique.

I love seeing artists excel and exceed expectations, which makes Clunk the perfect place for me to be. Clunk gives artists the opportunity to flourish in an environment that is as niche as the acts themselves.

Max Harris

By Ania Shrimpton

Max Harris

I fell in love with music from an early age and never fell out of it, In recent years I’ve explored my formerly unexplored passion for cameras, and what i can do with them. I’ve always loved documenting things through the lens and have always seen photography as a passion. Fortunately it now coincides with my musical interests as I am now making content for musicians in the form of band photoshoots, promotional material and music videos which has now become a massive passion for me. I love touring with my band and exploring new places (service stations) but most of all creating content that I want to share with people as an extension of my personality.

Martha Fitzpatrick

I’m a freelance photographer, currently studying my 3rd year at Plymouth College of Art, specializing in live music, portraits and promo work.

Music and attending shows has always held a special place in my heart since a very young age, I was brought up around bands like The Clash, RHCP and Motley Crue.

Whilst living in Plymouth I’ve shot a variety of bands from Bury Tomorrow to Cancer Bats. I’m currently working as the in house photographer at both the Underground and Junction venues in Plymouth where I have an awesome opportunity to meet fantastic people and see some sick bands!

Phil Watson

I grew up in a sleepy village in Cornwall, rudely awakened by the sound/noise of our first band aged 14 – since then music has been a massive part of my life although I have now swapped the slap for a snap, putting down my bass guitar and picking up a camera.
Concert photography is a passion and highlight of my shooting although I do love a bit of astro work too.

Check Phil’s work here.

Previous Contributors

Sam Lawson 

Music is the only thing on the planet that matters above literally all else, without exception! Expect lots of live show reviews, the occasional album/EP review, think pieces, yearly lists and more. I play in two rock bands (For The Oracle and Knave), constantly working on new projects in as many different styles as I possibly can.