Our contributors are vital to the health and growth of our website and without them Clunk wouldn’t be where it is today! Come get to know them a little bit better.

Luigi Sibona

I’m a  freelance filmmaker and writer currently based in London. All about film, music, sea, travel and still a 90s punk rock kid to the core. Film grad from Falmouth University and can only stay away from Cornwall for so long. Constantly looking for somewhere to spout my flavoursome opinions and output and Clunk is a hell of a home for them.

Jonny Dawson

Variety is the spice of life, so call my life a vindaloo! Yes I like Indian food but really it means that I get bored if I am not challenged or improving myself somehow. I have a raging passion for travel which keeps me out of the UK but always somehow in trouble. As a postgrad I took a career change before I even had a career and thought I’d give chasing dreams a shot. What do you live for?

Karum Cooper

Manchester born, Cornwall bred – I’m a musician, producer and songwriter before anything else – I perform/write for Cornish bands Hypophora and For The Oracle. I love touring, recording and composing. I’m currently studying Music Production in the heart of Bristol.

Photography and design is a big part of my life – live shoots, promotional shoots, street photography, cornish scenery and more, I love capturing the moment on camera. I’ve always had a love for words and I’m constantly inspired by the world of journalism and writing.
I love experiencing live music – what better way to document it than with journalism and photography?

Rocky Poole

LongBoarding, loud, a little bit of a lad, and living life to the full. Rocky Poole. Most commonly found on the Tarmac, tearing up the concrete waves or bombing hills at silly speeds. I guess I can say, I like to hold up a strong stand for the female longboard / skate scene in Newquay and am all for involving all ages and abilities in extreme sports. I’m 17, living young wild and free, So get your gear and your determination and let’s shred till the Stoke supply runs out!

Ross Jones

Having left University three years ago with a music journalism degree, I’ve set out on following the dream and delving into art and culture as much as I possibly  can. While my heart will always be with Indie & Alternative music, I love to blur the boundaries of creativity and get lost in electronic and pop music. If something has a strong hook I am more than likely going to enjoy it. I have a real interest in lifestyle and modern living, especially with the ever-evolving climate of social media and the way in which we indulge in modern technology. As long as I get to write, I am happy.

Amber Cobley
Newquay girl born and bred! I love the coast and everything above and below the waves. The global oceans will forever be my true office. My journey to achieve this has led me through an amazing 4-year  Master’s Degree in Marine Biology at the University of Southampton. For a year after graduating, I was a research assistant, making predictive maps of marine habitats to better inform policy makers (basically trying to be a psychic!). I have now embarked on my dream project researching Biodiversity and Environmental Policy in the Deep Sea Mining frontier at the Natural History Museum, London. Yes, if I had told myself that I would be working here when I was much younger, I would probably have wet myself with over-excitement… What keeps me going in my field when it feels like you’re fighting the inevitable? This gorgeous quote: “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”  – Robert Swan, OBE.

Mark McConville 

I’m a freelance music journalist from Scotland. I love music and writing in equal measures. My writing is creative and I love to include great imagery in my work, putting together words that evoke. I’ve written for numerous online publications and print, adding my slant. I also write short stories and poetry and have been published in both fields. I’m glad to be contributing to Clunk magazine. It’s a radical and original publication, delivering high quality reviews and features.

Alex Platt

Hey yo whaddup it’s your boy Bear here. I’ve always had a love for writing ever since I could first grip a pen and make up my own words. I guess you could say the same for music as well (or at least until I learnt the words to whatever CD/mix tape my parents were blasting in the car that week). I went to university to study how to make films, but I learnt a lot more than that, I learnt how to understand films (that sentence doesn’t make me sound pretentious at all you’re wrong). Since then I’ve been lapping up as many as I can. As soon as I was old enough and had my own money I started going to gigs, I couldn’t get enough of it. The thrill of seeing an artist’s live and losing yourself in that moment was more addictive than any drug. So these days you’ll find me somewhere in London, probably drinking an over priced beer and complaining about something, or sitting in the middle seats of the middle row in a nice cinema watching anything and everything, or in the middle of the pit crying my eyes out to whichever favourite band of mine is on stage. Since I love doing all of them and writing about it, I thought why not combine my passions?! Clunk is a great magazine collective for creativity and freedom, and I’m happy and proud to be a part of the team.