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Boardmasters is home to an amazing array of talent each year, spanning not just across the nation but the globe. However, amidst the stars, legends, and bigger names there are countless Cornish artists playing. We absolutely urge you to check out the amazing talent this county holds, there’s more to Cornwall than pasties and seagulls (although both are very close to our hearts). We hope that through this list you will get just a sample of what Cornwall has to offer, who knows you may discover your new favourite band or artist.

The Rezner – The View Stage, Saturday

If you’re looking to party then it is absolutely essential you head the The View stage on Saturday to jive to Cornwall’s very own The Rezner. The quartet formed during their tenure at Truro College and have gone leaps and bounds since their first band practice. Their plucky, energetic, and infectiously fun indie-rock sound is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The Rezner have an ability to conquer any stage they grace, expect lots of high octane energy during their Saturday performance.

Listen/watch ‘The Jive’ here:

Bailey Tomkinson – The View Stage, Friday

Hailing from St. Ives, Bailey has become somewhat of a national phenomenon. This is no doubt due to her sultry 70’s soundscape, velvety vocals, and poignent songwriting. In the past year she has featured in The Daily Mail, BBC News, and more, most in part thanks to her impressive new single ‘Bright Red’, a rallying protest single regarding the G7 summit held in Cornwall this year. Her music is a swaying kaleidoscope of sound that pulls you in, demanding the listeners attention. Be sure to head to her Boardmasters performance, she is not to be missed.

Listen/watch ‘Bright Red’ here:

Sam Richardson & The Renegades – Mainstage, Friday

Sam Richardson & The Renegades are one of Cornwall’s fastest rising talents, no doubt due their anthemic indie/soft rock sound that is wonderfully alluring. They were recently picked to open for Wolf Alice and Supergrass by Michael Eavis himself, that’s one hell of a seal of approval. They have the momentous task of opening the main stage on Friday and are no doubt going to set it alight, paving the way for a weekend of amazing music.

Watch Sam Richardson & The Renegades at Worthy Farm here:

Flowers of Palo – Land of Saints Stage, Sunday

Flowers Of Palo have been riding a wave throughout the south-west in recent years, and now in London, their new home. It’s no surprise as their terminally chill slacker rock is utterly infectious, driven forward by Emma Chamberlain’s brilliant vocals. As a band they have gone from strength to strength, honing their sound and continuously providing memorable concerts in their wake. Watching these guys at Boardmasters 2021 is a must, they’ll be no doubt on the mainstage next year.

Listen to ‘Blue’ here:

Daisy Clark – Salt & Earth Stage, Friday

Daisy Clark is Newquay’s very own troubadour, always impressing with her wonderful songwriting, subtle acoustic guitar play and overwhelmingly beautiful vocals. Since starting out Daisy has had an amazing career (and she’s only just getting started), her cover of ‘Bellyache’ by Billie Eilish was reacted to by the artist herself and has racked up hundreds of thousands of views, she has released a multitude of singles, and recently played for the world leaders at a private event during the G7 summit. If you’re looking for a moment’s respite and to be dazzled then be sure to watch Daisy Clark.

Watch Daisy Clark’s cover of ‘Bellyache’ here:

FacePaint – Land of Saints Stage, Saturday

In a short time FacePaint have become one of Cornwall’s most sought after exports. Their wild shows and frantic energy captivated local audiences and it won’t be long till they conquer the rest of the UK. Having formed in Truro College the band have been growing and creating a sound that is undeniably there own. Get ready for a blast of garage rock/indie-punk-psych at their Boardmasters set.

Listen/watch ‘Blue’ here:

Dirtsharks – The View Stage, Saturday

Dirtsharks are one of Cornwall’s hidden gems, but this is likely about to change very soon. Their blend of shoegaze and alternative rock creates a soundscape that is drawn out and emotive, yet delightfully infectious. They have released a variety of singles and more recently their ‘Livewell’ EP, which was but a taster of what’s to come of this band.

Listen\watch ‘Tides’ here:

The Ultra Violets – The View Stage, Saturday

The Ultra Violets are one of Cornwall’s premiere indie bands, drawing influence from the likes of The Kaiser Chiefs and Oasis. It’s even rumoured if you google cool then lead singer Perran Nicholls appears. As a band they are oozing in swagger, bringing forward a powerful sound that is wildly contagious and entertaining. It’s impossible to ignore The Ultra Violets and seeing them on home turf will be a total treat.

Listen/watch ‘Romance’ here:

In addition to this you should also check out south-west artists such as Pattern Pusher, The Big Sets, Shakin Jake Landers, Hedluv & Passman, Reefe Murphy, Shagrat, Florence Bird, William Grant Band.

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