By Lucas Richards In Association with savethefalmouthscene

Cornwall’s music scene is criminally underrated. It’s host to many incredible bands and artists who cover a range of different genres, from Shoegaze to Post-Punk. As of recently, there is a promising new Lofi artist hailing from Truro College who has just released an outstanding EP; Max Walker.

Releasing his first track ‘Katy’ on Bandcamp on April 14th, 2020, and releasing his second ‘Frank’ just a day later, he has showcased his amazing musical ability and shown a certain dedication and understanding of music that is hard to come across these days. When asked why he chose Lofi, he said “I had already made two songs a year before (Canción Del Mañana and Frank), then during lockdown I decided to write another song to complete the ‘Frank’ EP. Since then I’ve been making them for fun!”.

His EP ‘Amélie’, was written and based entirely around films. He explained “Amélie is one of my favourite films, so I sampled some of it and named the song and EP after it” he continued “Each song on the EP uses samples from a different film, and is named accordingly” (for example, the track ‘Red’ is based on The Shawshank Redemption). This EP shows his understanding and ability to adapt and write songs based around films.

Check the ‘Amélié’ EP here:

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