Matilda Barker Hall
Matilda Barker Hall

The young gun has grown up in Cornwall and has her finger on the local scenes pulse.

MOPES brings surf, garage-rock, punk, lo-fi, funk and a whole lot more all into one cooking pot of music. Based in Newquay, the surfers hotspot of Cornwall, Connor Powell is the ultimate presentation of what it means to be a bedroom artist. 

From learning to play the drums and guitar at a young age he progressed quickly on the college music scene from being the lead vocalist and guitarist for Reni and the Bonglords, drumming for Flowers of Palo, guitarist and vocalist for The Sheds, drumming for Bruise Cruise and producing his own music as a solo artist under the name MOPES.

In a previous interview he stated his main influences are from friends, the likes of FacePaint, Hummus Boys and so many more- “I just love seeing friends bands release kick ass EPs and stuff, I’m so proud to be around to tell them how psyched I am”. You can also see clear influences from his top three favourite artists: Ty Segall, Otis Redding and Tinned Fruit. Whether it’s an acoustic based small EP (‘Stammer // Anything Could Happen’) , a beachy garage-rock EP (‘Get you down’) or a bandcamp exclusive, his music pleases any type of music lover.

Pre-corona, when the cornish music scene was thriving, you’d be able to find Connor either headlining a pub gig, supporting a gig or on the frontline of a raging moshpit. He played a present part across the scene that we are all missing.

In a recent conversation with this talented soul, he wanted to send his apologies for being off the radar recently and exclaimed he is currently in creation mode of something new whether it be a single, an EP or an album is still to be decided. He explained that he is trying to get back to the sound produced from the first EP with a more hi-fi aspect or it could be a take a turn towards a new sound of lo-fi manner. Whatever the release will be I am certain it will please all ears. 

In the meantime get your ears around his music here:

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