Words & Photography by Lexi Goodland

Falmouth local brands Council Complaints, Cloud 9 Events and Honey Feminist Collective are currently in collaboration to produce an event like no other in Falmouth which focuses on gender equality within music.

The three groups have come together to launch the Kespos Art Gathering, a series of musical events over the next few months which are solely dedicated to promoting diversity and equality within the music industry.

Last Saturday night, Jacob’s Ladder played host to the first of three fundraiser events lined up to raise money and awareness for the group’s main event on April 6th. This will be a one-day arts and music festival showcasing their collaborative work with many local businesses and independent brands, combined with a range of art and workshops, all in support of the Refugee Women’s Centre.

The evening saw the venue completely engorged by some incredibly talented musicians. The Ladder stage welcomed Ellie Bramhall as Plum Jr – a shoegaze meets indie-punk solo artist who needed nothing but her guitar to captivate the audience; three-piece alt-rock band Neggy – who must be given an honourable mention as it was here that the boys played their last and final show (RIP to a cracking band; you will be missed); the infamous Hops who brought rhythm and groove to the night with their math-rock riffs and feel good vibes; and closing the show was Cornish local band WAXX – a vigorous rock heavy duo who had one guy crowd surfing; need I say more?

Waxx by Lexi Goodland

Over on the Shed stage we saw four DJ’s each bringing their own flavour for the night. Madness Matters, kicked it all off with a love for techno, followed by VAMP the bassline king, and then Cloud 9 himself who has packed out many events before with his urban beats. Headlining the DJ stage for the evening was WOMAN who brought the African rhythms and jazzy tones as well as giving the audience a taste of her signature jungle/DnB crossover.

A much needed musical fusion of live bands and DJ’s, the best part of the evening was knowing that there is even more to come. We can expect another evening full of live music from Council Complaints very soon, and Cloud 9 will be hosting a night of the best DJ’s on March 29th (venue TBC), all wrapping up with the ultimate ending on April 6th, what more could you want?

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