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George Ward
George Ward

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Manchester shoegaze band cruush announce their debut EP ‘Wishful Thinker’ with their pounding new single ‘Stick In The Mud’

With recent shows with Pale Blue Eyes, bdrmm, New Dad and The Lounge Society, shoegazers cruush have been in good hands. And for good reason: their sound is reminiscent of classic shoegaze while still retaining enough personality and freshness to not drown in the wave of similar sounding bands.

The first thing you’ll notice about ‘Stick In The Mud’ is that is has a real weight to it. The drums are slow-moving blasts while the heavily distorted guitar riffs are sinister and foreboding. The track moves patiently along with real meaning and confidence on each hit. As these sounds layer upon one another, cruush create an emotional and dark soundscape. It feels muddy in the best way possible.

The vocals provide a clean break from this mud. Soaked in reverb, they balance darkness and innocence perfectly. The harmonies are subtle but effective and are a refreshing accompaniment to the soundscape. 

With this new single, cruush continue to prove themselves as one of the most exciting new shoegaze bands right now. 

cruush’s debut EP ‘Wishful Thinker’ is out on 14th April via Heist or Hit.

Watch/Listen to ‘Stick In The Mud’ here: