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For fans of Fontaines D.C., IDLES, and Shame, the boys of Cucamaras are here to deliver post-punk perfection with their stomping new trackSafe Bet’.

No strangers to receiving raving reviews from the likes of CLASH and DIY, the Nottingham four-piece are steadily making a name for themselves on the rock music scene with their witty lyricism and social observations that make for outstanding tales told through sonic accomplishments. Despite still being in their early years, Cucamaras are mature in their sound and confident in their execution.

Following their recent release ‘Death Of The Social’, ‘Safe Bet’ comes as a welcome rock-cut with a well-established vocal performance and emotive narrative of the ages.

Safe Bet was written whilst I was in university. It was one of the first times I’d written about direct experiences, not my own, but what I was observing at the time. Safe Bet was me, sat hungover in my grim uni room, deeping how it’s actually really sad and mentally draining to navigate complex relationships at uni, but I do tap into the whit of it all at times too. ” – Josh Hart (Vocals)

Cucamaras is the epitome of the resurgence of modern punk rock, with roaring drums and infectious lyrics, there’s no denying their sonic power.

Thrilling and totally immersive, ‘Safe Bet’ is a telling exhibition of the potential the band possesses and offers an exciting look into the future.

Listen to ‘Safe Bet’ here:

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