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From furious and full-throttle tracks to delicate vocals and passionate punk-rock, Cuffed Up are storming the scene with their latest single ‘Canaries’. The LA-based quartet are no strangers to producing adrenaline-fuelled cuts and that’s more than evident in their most recent offering.

‘Canaries’ is about going down a path that you know is wrong but you keep going because some form of shame is driving you. You’ve put warnings in place, like the canaries, but ignore them when they alert you of danger. Sometimes we become numb to the burdens we carry, like the sensation of needles when you cut off circulation. ”

In a revelationary move, the band speaks on ignoring warning signs of danger before coming to the realization that it’s ‘easier to roll over than fight your way out’. Self-confessional and introspective in nature, the fast-rising Cuffed Up find themselves delivering a revelationary statement of intent teeming with explosive instrumentation to make punk-rock bands around the globe blush.

Leading with an electric guitar and mesmerising synth patterns, the track builds to a crescendo before lush vocals are introduced to deliver a narrative all too familiar.

Watch out for a string of singles to be released ahead of their EP.

Watch/listen to ‘Canaries’ here:

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