By Tom Tozer

Powerfully political punk rock band Cuffs are making noise in the Bristol music scene, and it’s becoming infectious. Having met in the student halls they’re now taking their thoughts to the stage, questioning the system around them and aiming to excite you into taking action.

The foursome has thrown a new spanner in the works with ‘Scandals and Vandals’. Temper-filled, outraged and angry the track is. Aiming toward the powers that be who are taking away the writers’ hard-earned money, and not without animosity, this is the reply. Starting low and dark, the track is a narrative, almost acapella, outlining how the band feels about the system we live in, then later exploding into a heavy drumbeat and a crushing guitar riff underneath hard strong vocals, this track becomes a crowd destroyer. With ‘Scandals and Vandals’ relentless energy throughout, the track will give you a point of view and make you move your body at the same time. 

Listen to ‘Scandals and Vandals’ here:

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