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Out now via Bandcamp

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

CUP is the solo project of Queen Giza‘s drummer Tym Wojcik, although it bears similar resemblance to QG it is very much his own musical journey. This solo project takes the intense fury from QG and mixes it with a similar garage/lo-fi rock sound to The Coachwhips and early Eagles Of Death Metal.

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His fifth release  ‘U Don’t Like This Cup’ is a short and intense journey that dances between rock, garage, lo-fi and punk in a delicate way, although the album moves at the speed of light it is a gracious ball of high octane energy that with each listen keeps giving. Through the album you are shown two sides of CUP, one side being a chaotic mess, this is particularly heard in self titled opening track and ‘1988’. The other side being a simplistic yet well thought out bombardment of hook laden riffs and reverb riddled vocals, this is heard within tracks such as ‘Krusty Eyez’, ‘Sun Peaking’ and ‘Rockaway’. Both sides bringing something special and unique to the album.

However, it is in the albums carefree attitude that the album finds real strength, ‘U Don’t Like This Cup’ is haggard and it knows it. This give no fucks attitude creates a fun and easy listening experiance that has a strangely enticing pull.

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