Photo by David Black

After 28 years the infamous electronic duo have split.

Yesterday the band shared an eight minute clip from their 2006 film Electroma, titled ‘Epilogue’, was shared on the duo’s YouTube channel. Naturally rumours of the duo’s split lit up the internet, a rumour that was confirmed to be true by their publicist Kathryn Frazier on Pitchfork. However, no reason was given to as why they had decided to call it a day.

The French duo that consists of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo first formed in 1993, in Paris, France. Their debut album ‘Homework’ was released in 1997 and included hits such as ‘Around The World’ and ‘Da Funk’. Their follow up album ‘Discovery’, is acknowledged by many to be one of the most important dance records in history. Not necessarily for the music but also for their accompanied visual art and online fan club boom.

Their most recent album ‘Random Access Memories’ was the best-selling dance album on vinyl of the last decade. Safe to say the duo have gone out with a bang.

It’s always a shame to see veterans hang up their hat, especially ones that still had a lot of the magick that made them popular in the first place. Who knows though, they may make a return in the future. Until then, get that back catalogue on repeat and cherish the memories!

Watch the ‘Epilogue’ from their YouTube channel here:

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