Words By Kieran Webber | Header Image By Anders Dahlberg

Daragh is the solo project of Daragh Wearen, a producer and songwriter from Dublin. Although now he resides in Oslo, Norway. Daragh established himself with his previous band Company Ink, who saw lots of success in the Scandinavian country.

Now he goes it alone and has already released three singles, all of which have been highly praised. Now he returns with the glistening new single ‘All Those Things’. A coming of age indie track with 80’s guitar pop sensibilities. Jangling guitars hover over a groovy bassline, creating a spiralling soundscape. It’s daringly infectious.

‘All Those things’ was recorded by Daragh in his home studio with extra guitars from Herman Wildhagen. Speaking on the track Daragh explains, “The song is about a person whose self-image changes as they get older, and how we lose some of the grand ambitions we once had.”

Listen to ‘All Those Things’ here:

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