By Oliver Shasha

Having emerged in June 2018, New York-based Indie Synth-Pop project DD Walker shot out the blocks quickly, with an immediate buzz generated from his music on Soundcloud. His debut track ‘Malibu’ has now reached over 50,000 steams, quite the statement for a first single.

His latest track, ‘Concord’, takes the style originally established in tracks such as ‘Malibu’ but opts for more of a concentration on melody and production, resulting in a darker and more abstract composition, which at times contrasts with the more anthemic and grandiose moments of ‘Malibu’. Blending a warm synth bass arrangement with a pulsating drum track, by the time the listener is treated by the middle eight the kick drum is emblematic of a heart beat, keeping the song alive as the music is stripped down to its most basic elements. ‘Concord’ flows up and down with a satisfying structure that doesn’t ever threaten to overwhelm but provide an easy listen for a wide variety of audiences. It won’t be long before the radio stations pick up on DD Walker.

‘Concord’ has the idyllic tone and style reminiscent of the celebrated Drive soundtrack. So if you’re ever treated to a late night road trip with Ryan Gosling at the wheel, i’d definitely recommend giving this one a spin.

Listen to ‘Concord’ here:

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