By Kieran Webber

The pandemic has been hard on musicians and the industry as a whole. For some bands it has taken some real ingenuity to record and release music. One such band that had to think outside the box is Deafpony with their latest single ‘Break Me’.

The South London band managed to record their latest single during the lockdown. They recorded vocals in sheds, placed microphones on doorsteps and of course maintained social distance. It’s proof that music will always find a way.

Although recorded under rogue circumstances the track is a wholesome barrage of swaggering indie-rock. Jangly guitars bounce back and forth whilst steady percussion drives the track forward. This is complimented by Scott’s emotive vocals and honest songwriting.

‘Break Me’ captures the emotion of finding love when you didn’t think it was possible. Truly boasting the bands cathartic yet optimistic songwriting ability.

Listen to ‘Break Me’ here:

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