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By Khan Laaraib

I’m not familiar with many Norwegian bands but if Death by Unga Bunga are anything to go by then hats off to Norway, I am impressed by the talent produced here. Now, don’t be put off by their name. I know it raises many questions… What is an Unga Bunga? Should I fear them? And using google to find the answers raises even more questions. But don’t let that take away how effing good their new track ‘Into the Night’ is! A solid garage-rock tune.

The five-piece showcase their talent through a sublime composition of noisy guitar solos, warped bass line, and infectious lyrics. After extensive research, the band soon came to terms with the fact that “guitar solos are still really, really cool” and put it into practice. All the right ingredients to make one hell of a nifty rock number that won’t just solely appeal to rock fans but a wide range of music lovers. This song is one to look forward to hearing live. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

Listen to ‘Into the Night’ here: