Gaby Mawson
Gaby Mawson

Gaby is a London based writer and visual communicator specialising in the music and film industries.

Set in a pretty gloomy looking British cul-de-sac, the video presents some unusual characters prancing about alongside Mckenna. Throughout the whole 4 minutes we see carnage; from jockeys skipping around without horses to an alarming looking guy dressed as a devil. Although most unexpectedly at the end, we see a spaceship come down from the sky on top of Declan himself.

The video is all in all a tongue and cheek approach to something that is a more serious matter. The lyrics that determine the meaning behind ‘Rapture’ are described by Declan as “though it seems to touch on the current state of the world – was born early last year, and reflects some of my thoughts on the end of the world and the threats that humanity will face in the future, and on common fears for the future.”

‘Rapture’ was released in September this year as a part of Declan McKenna’s exciting new album ‘Zeros’. You can also look forward to seeing Declan perform live in 2021 with an extensive UK & European tour including two nights in Brixton’s O2 Academy, London.

Watch/listen to ‘Rapture’ here:

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