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Out January 27th via ANTI-Records 

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

The multi-instrumentalist from New York Delicate Steve‘s (Steve Marion) latest album ‘This Is Steve’ is his first album in four years and his first for ANTI Records. The aptly named album is an insight into the wonderful yet chaotic mind of Steve and is nothing close to being delicate, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Often Steve’s music is explosive, sharp and a raucous but it is always fun.

Opening with exotic ‘Animals’ a track layered in Eastern psychedelia that folds out to be a riff heavy behemoth that is over within a flash. You are quickly thrown into the following song ‘Winners’ a jangly, hip shaking number that beams good vibes.

The snappy feel of this album is what makes it so infectious and listenable, although it is incredibly intricate it is easily digestible, the same can also be said for the slower tracks such as ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Driving’.

‘This Is Steve’ offers a lot to the listener in an easily swallowed pill, with the first half offering up instrumental rock that will have you swaying and dancing around the room without a care and the second half offering a more tranquil and calm mood. Both are equally as entertaining and beautiful. As a rule of thumb I am not a fan of purely instrumental albums but this one has got me hooked and is one of the few that has impressed me and not bored me to death.