By Kieran Webber

Demob Happy flourished during 2019, we saw them tour extensively around the world, played with Jack White (by his request) and toured the UK with The Amazons.

Just days into 2020 he rock trio has made a triumphant return with their futuristic rock boogie ‘Mother Machine’. A Hawkwind a-la Sabbath inspired number that see’s pulsing riffs and groove drenched baseline. It’s an exciting single from arguably one of the U.K’s best rock bands.

Speaking of the track, frontman Matt Marcantonio states, “These last three singles have been like a trilogy, expressing things I’ve felt over the most intense year of touring I think we’ll ever do, and things I’ve learned about where we’re all going. I wanted to leave ‘Mother Machine’ ‘til last as there’s a lot of new sounds in it, and I like what it says about the future.”

Listen to ‘Mother Machine’ here:

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