Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Because Music LTD

Django Django are one of those names that seem to have existed in the world of music for an age and yet they’re only just releasing their fourth album, ‘Glowing in the Dark’. The album further boasts the bands ability create a sound larger than themselves, it’s easy to forget their a four-piece.

Opener ‘Spirals’ starts with swirling keyboards before breaking in to a galloping track that you can already picture blaring from a tent at Glastonbury as it beckons you in. Each track on ‘Glowing In The Dark’ shows you something new and keeps things interesting with a full range of sounds here under their psych-rock umbrella. You can hear hints of Vampire Weekend in ‘Free From Gravity’, LCD Soundsystem in the title track and hints of Fleet Foxes throughout in the vocal delivery. Whichever genre they decide to float through, it’s done with their brand of psychedelia which makes each song like the soundtrack to an acid trip in the desert.

On first listen it may not be an attention grabber however, this album is a real grower and in the best way. Each listen brags something new and diggs its roots into you just a little bit more. It’s the kind of album that might not grab your attention straight away, but when it does you will be rewarded with an album full of beautiful vocals and a band that aren’t afraid to see where the music takes them.

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