By Alysa O'Connor 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

DMA’s, the Australian three-piece indie rock band, formed in 2012. We all remember their debut single ‘Delete’ from 2014, a beautiful and pulling track reflecting on finding and losing love in the social media age. The track certified platinum and reached the top 100 in Australia.

Like most bands when starting out they indulged in the more decadent elements. It was party time and the boys got well into it. Since then, DMA’s have been on a journey in which they’ve showcased their growth and they have become the best version of themselves so far.

Their third studio album, ‘The Glow’, has been highly anticipated after the 3 month delayed release. Has it been worth the wait? Definitely.

This album is not what was expected when revisiting this band, in the best way possible. With each album they’ve risen in chart position and we expect no less for ‘The Glow’. After the single releases of ‘Silver’, ‘Life is a Game of Changing’, ‘The Glow’ and ‘Learning Alive’, it appeared to be uncertain of which music direction the DMA’s were taking themselves. The answer to that, was out.

‘The Glow’ comprises of 11 tracks, four of them previously released, and the others an entirely new spectacle of DMA’s sound. Working with producer Stuart Price (The Killers, New Order, Madonna) they’ve created a captivating junior album that’s won people over.

Debut track ‘Never Before’, is a total travel jam. This insanely catchy bass riff takes you with it throughout the song, and the instrumental is nostalgic of The Stone Roses, giving it a recognisable feel. The sound is a head bopper through the whole song, and is a perfect, upbeat introduction to ‘The Glow’.

Following is single release ‘The Glow’. The titular always has high expectations, but DMA’s have successfully created a stunning piece. After just two listens, it would be unsurprising if you knew the lyrics. A snappy, memorable track with a really effortless bridge, complimented by the intro and outro fades, fantastic. No-one can resist an indie rock drop.

A total tempo change, ‘Silver’, another single release. DMA’s set the scene for an emotional ride, showcasing their ability to create heartfelt, thought provoking sounds (that would pair brilliantly with some rain on a dull day when played on vinyl) as well as some absolute bops. The tempo of this track changes, with an insanely good progression. The song is striking, and every chord change is instantly pleasing. When the chorus kicks in, it feels as though it belongs in a coming of age movie. O’Dells voice is filled with emotion, and this is paired so beautifully with the instrumental. DMA’s have created a truly captivating track here.

Recorded in three different countries over six months, expect an entirely new, ever-growing sound. The production on this album goes above and beyond, with every song being an arena track. Presenting electronic beats, emotive lyricism, gripping vocal ranges, perfectly placed reverb, compelling bridges and raw and honest ballad. The DMA’s have broken ground with this release. The variety of sound that they’ve brought together so well in just one, 11 track album, is a testament to their musical abilities.

Outstanding standout tracks are ‘Never Before’, ‘Silver’, ‘Strangers’, ‘Appointment’, ‘Round & Around’ and ‘Cobracaine’. One suggestion for this album; listen in chronological order. The record offers a variety of emotion. ‘Appointment’ is a complete tear jerker, but when listening to ‘Cobracaine’ it’s impossible to sit still and this is such an accurate representation of how hard this album hits in all aspects. Perfectly driven, DMA’s are on track to do some serious damage with this one.

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