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The Up And Coming Musician Will Be Releasing Her Debut EP ‘Digital Meadows’ On May 28th

24-year-old Dora Jar from California has dug down into her musical and emotional roots in order to conceive her first-ever EP. Her music, which is heavily influenced by Gwen Stefani and Stephen Sondheim musicals, has helped Dora to cope with the death of her older sister Lueza who sadly passed away from cerebral palsy.

For Dora and her sister, music was a way for them to communicate as Lueza was unable to communicate in a traditional manner. Therefore, making Dora’s practice all the more important to her. 

‘Digital Meadows’ which is out on the 28th May is an eclectic combination of tracks influenced by grunge, folk, and rawly honest pop. The single which has already been released from the EP named ‘Multiply’ encapsulates a young woman unable to be tied down. In the brand new music video for ‘Multiply’, Dora prances around the dark streets of LA. 

Dora speaks about her upcoming EP “I am my truest form when I am changing shape, morphing sounds, and shifting my point of view. This project is an exploration of my impulse to shape-shift. That’s my ambition.”

Listen/watch ‘Multiply’ here:

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