By Laura Turnbull

Like any good summer tune worth its poolside credentials, Dreampark’s new single ‘Balance Station’ delivers woozy synth riffs, sparkly keys, and enough echo to send the vocals floating through duty free before you’d even packed your bags. Plus a whole load of peaches.

Dreampark, formed of duo Carmel Faraggi and Daniel Barer, is London-based, but their new single doesn’t get caught up in that urban maze. Reminiscent of the hazy alt-pop of bands like Alvvays and Beach House, ‘Balance Station’ brings its own streak of nostalgia to the mix, and it’s one pretty satisfying dose of deja-vu.

If you started out feeling a bit fuzzy on the details of what a balance station actually was, why you’re being taken there, and what’s going to happen to you once you’ve entered that fabled realm, you’ll still be wondering by the time this track is over. But that’s a mystery we can live with, especially when the soundtrack is this dreamy. 

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