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DRØWND head into the fall with their new single ‘Sick and Tired’ 

The bands latest release deals with the concepts of total disillusionment, in terms of the industry, the social situations that arise because of them and generally questioning everything and if it’s worth it. Synth and bass led for the majority of the track; it sounds more like a horror score, that is until the end kicks in and shows listeners what they were more used to from the previous DRØWND releases.


The track is the first release from the bands newly launched label LiViD, via Believe Digital. LiViD – (L)ife(V)ision(D)eath will be a home for rock, metal, industrial and alternative artists looking for a platform for their music, a place where artists have full creative freedom to fulfill their vision.

Last year the band released their debut album (An)Aestheric via Armalyte Records. The 11-track album, of which DRØWND have called UnPOPular / Undustrial music, the album’s message calls to the depraved and debauched and alluding to sin being part of human nature and how we should embrace it. 

Watch the video for ‘Sinner’ from the debut album here:

DRØWND is the creation of Joe Crudgington with the live band utilising the talents of Paul Traveller on drums, Sam Forrester on bass guitar and Rich Watson handling guitar duties. There are several live shows in the pipeline for 2022 including a special live studio session to be filmed at Foundry Studios Northampton tonight with a small select audience.

The band played to a packed out tent at Bloodstock Festival this summer after winning Metal To The Masses, their next show will be at London’s Black Heart on November 22nd – tickets here.

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