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If you’re like this writer and are a lover of football, then this is the football anthem you’ve been needing.

Openly honest lyricism is Dylan James’ speciality. It’s what allows him to stand out from the rest of the indie crowd.

Regardless of if any listener loves reminiscing over older indie tunes or if a reader is dying to find the perfect indie track that has the feels of early 2000’s, Dylan James has created all of that in this new track.

‘Boys Yard’ allows listeners to have a small throwback to those good times and remembering the bangers in the FIFA games. It’s also a track that keeps the blood pumping as the World Cup is around the corner.

The London-based singer-songwriter has produced something beautiful. It’s not only a track to admire, but it’s just one of many wonders from his catalogue. His usual tracks about the normal day-to-day, the grind of life and relationships are felt here with a hint of excellent production.

This is why this writer urges anyone to listen to Dylan James and the new track ‘Boys Yard’.

‘Boys Yard’ is about the making dreams you have as a kid come true and believing one day you’ll be your hero – it’s a fairytale of hope and excitement by living your fantasy in the safety of your own backyard. I wrote it in lockdown with my boys trying to score in the top corner of a pint-sized goal mouth emulating their football heroes. It’s a song far deeper than football and the innocence of being a child before the darker side of life makes our dreams less of a reality.’ – Dylan James

Listen to ‘Boys Yard’ below: