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Powerful emotions and beautiful lyricism have come hand in hand in this new track. It’s a unique take on not being able to discuss what’s going on in the mind while keeping any listener hooked

If you’ve been wondering where Dylan James has been all this time, he’s been cooking up the perfect track with all the ingredients needed to show off his raw talent. That sums up the London-based singer.

He’s one to not do too many interviews or appearances, but when he does, it’s something special. But if you’ve never heard of the man, it’s time to introduce you. The songwriter has spent the last half decade making a name for himself through his home demos. It’s truly something to admire as he flirts between folk rock, 90’s Brit Pop and more. His music comes from real life truths, whether it be the day-to-day grind we find ourselves in or if it is battling the demons and challenges of intimacy, he’s able to fully express himself in a way not too many would be able to.

With this new track, the talented songwriter has been able to combine all of the above into one beautiful track. He captures the hearts of listeners in a way that this writer isn’t sure how he’s done it.

“In two simple words “Let’s talk” summed up my frozen tongue,” says Dylan on the new single. “I couldn’t talk about my feelings, I didn’t know where to start. I would just dig myself another hole hoping it would all go away.”

As the new music from Dylan James gallops into any reader’s ears, take note on how he’s been able to match the beautiful acoustic guitar riffs with the soft and gentle drums, it’s something only he could achieve.

Listen to ‘Let’s Talk’ here: