Out now (Self-Released)

Rating: 7.5/10

By Georgia Cummings

Brand new synth-pop act Earl Butler’s debut EP ‘All the Rage’ is out now. Infectious melodies, luscious and loud synths and a unique vocal full of interesting and pleasing textures are spun into compelling pop structures with quality production. His lyrical narratives burst with an angst as he passionately explores the dark side of love with all its bitterness and hunger, and the places it will take a person to. 

Third track ‘Energy’ has a particular hit factor, instantly catching, layered with steamy, tropical sounds. The dynamics of the percussion keep this track bouncing all the way through and leave you wanting to hit repeat. Whilst title track ‘All the Rage’ is a perfect pop song, with undertones of Caribbean drum sounds and a propelling drum loop which drives the track forward. Every song on this EP is great pop music, but the raw edge that Earl Butler stirs into the mix is exciting to hear in this saturated field.

This EP engages with our reckless impulses that spill out of us when in love. Earl Butler also depicts the twisted relationship between love and self-destruction. Impulses to drink, manifest anger and fuel your own ego to feel protected against heartache. His vocals embody these punching emotions with impact, technically and soulfully present. Pushing out these kinds of narratives through 80’s inspired synth pop is a brave and bold statement, overcoming the challenge of creating harmony between feel good and heartbreak.


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