Photo credit:  Balint Marjai

Egyptian Blue come through with another high intensity post-punk track ‘Salt’, taken from their forthcoming debut album

The Brighton based band made shockwaves with their two critically acclaimed EP’s ‘Collateral Damage’ and ‘Body Of Itch’, now they return with cataclysmic new single ‘Salt’. It’s the first glimpse of the bands highly anticipated debut album, which is expected to drop 2022 via Yala! Records.

The road to recording the album has been a varied one to say the least, no thanks to the pandemic. The band had to weave their way around a various lockdowns and restrictions, in a variety if studios. The album found a home at Echo Zoo Studios, on the south coast of England (Eastbourne) and in Brighton Electric Studios. Recorded over over six months the album promises to continue Egyptian Blue‘s narrative of frustration with the world and the ever impending hypernormalisation of today’s frankly sick society. There is no doubt that the album will be nothing short of monumental. It’s safe to say we’re incredibly excited for it’s release into the wild.

However, in the meantime we have their latest single ‘Salt’ to devour, a track that is bursting at the seems with agitation. From the opening strikes of the cymbals to the crunchy, off-kilter guitars you can feel the deep, intensive emotion that is bellowing from this track. Vocally it continues their rage filled post-punk vigor as lead singer Andy bellows ‘Don’t Wanna Talk About It, Don’t Wanna Talk”, you cannot help but be pulled into Egyptian Blue’s impressively intense sound.

Speaking on the track Andy explains: “The song came from a series of anxiety dreams containing monotonous behaviours that felt like walls closing in. That sense of chasing my own tail. Jumping into the dark pit of the pandemic only served to heighten this”. He adds, “I’d been reading this book called ‘On Solitude’ by Michel De Montaigne and we’d been discussing it on a slow ferry to Dublin. When I wrote ‘Salt’, seeing the world as a feverish dream, the book resonated with my sense that we can cover-up emotions and nervous energy with a veil of pretending to be ok”.

Listen to ‘Salt’ here:

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