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Out now via Sargent House

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

‘Marked For Death’ comes as Emma Ruth Rundle‘s second release, following 2014’s ‘Some Heavy Ocean’. Through the latest album you are taken down a dark yet healing road, striking up heartbreak, love, pain and the¬†relief and happiness it can bring.

The rawness that flows through ‘Marked For Death’ is striking, it is deeply personal and is brutally honest. It is a mesmerizing ¬†barrage of emotion backed by shimmering guitars and reverb driven vocals that forms an almost orchestral sound, it is nothing short of epic.

The post – rock atmospheric creates a transcendent gap in your mind, hovering between your own reality and the one of Rundle’s. This sense of nowhere is particularly felt in ‘Protection’, ‘Medusa’ and the folk inspired ‘Heaven’ all tracks uniquely beautiful.

As long as you are willing ‘Marked For Death’ is an enchanting listen that provides a great atmospheric soundscape as well as an emotive journey. Rundle has crafted a magnificent body of work that sets her apart from her peers, making her one of 2016’s most exciting artists.