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Leeds Based Indie Quartet English Teacher Have Released The Jagged Edged New Single ‘Good Grief’

English Teacher have positioned themselves as one of the new rising indie stars, likely to dominate the airwaves within the next couple of years. Today they’ve released their most recent single ‘Good Grief’, a sharp edged, wit filled release that’s out now via Nice Swan Records.

‘Good Grief’ opens with slow percussion, building as the intro continues until frontwoman Lily Fontaine’s soft, yet biting vocals pierce through. Jagged-edged guitars intercept through the vocals whilst a groove riddled bass floats in the backdrop. All of this comes to a chaotic explosion towards the end, all elements overlapping, battling for dominance. Only to cease and find itself back in the pocket, continuing the rhythm that is established in the beginning. The momentum is somewhat similar to the tracks context, the pandemic and it’s chaotic handling from the top.

Speaking on the new single the band explained: “The track follows the love story of Track and Trace as they navigate their relationship through 2020. It’s about the virtual dates, the TikTok dances, the Karens in supermarkets and the obscene levels of potentially avoidable suffering, once again, orchestrated by those at the top.”

Listen to ‘Good Grief’ here:

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